Writing and deploying cloud-native apps using Spring Boot and Cloud Foundry

Hands-on Labs 2

14:35 - 17:40


In an enterprise organisation it can be hard to get software into production. And when it’s finally running it’s often with regular downtime due to the upgrading and patching of systems your applications are depending on. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this hands-on-lab you will experience what it’s like to deploy Spring Boot applications onto Cloud Foundry and you’ll learn how to apply common cloud native development practices to make your applications more robust and resilient; like 12-factor app development, configuration resolution, circuit breakers, bulkheads and several more. You’ll learn how to leverage Spring Cloud and Resilience4j. You’ll also learn how a platform can improve the time you spend developing innovative features rather than spend most of your time keeping the lights on.