My Kotlin is better than your Java!

Zaal 9

15:45 - 16:35

Alternative JVM languages

TLDR: The big discussion: Kotlin or Java, to migrate or not to migrate and why… The world of languages on the JVM has seen alternatives to Java come and go. Kotlin is probably the most popular one at this moment. Although Java is still one of the most commonly used programming languages, Kotlin seems to keep growing very fast. Where Java is known for its verbosity, Kotlin aims at making programming easier. On the other hand, Kotlin is a mix of paradigms and forces you to learn yet another language. Moreover, with all the new features that are rapidly introduced in Java, is Kotlin actually needed? So what are the aspects where they differ from each other? In which situations should we choose the one or the other? Should we migrate to Kotlin or is Java good enough? As Kotlin claims full interoperability with Java, should we even choose? In this talk we will fire up the battle between Kotlin and Java. In this battle one of us will root for Java while the other cheers for Kotlin. Who wins? That is totally up to you. The audience will be judge and jury. So…bring it on.