Our API journey to digital ecosystems

Zaal 9

09:45 - 10:10


ABN AMRO sees business models based on platforms and digital ecosystems are evolving rapidly and soon will be the new normal. The emerging role of APIs drive these innovations and the role of banks will inevitable change.
With Open Banking, ABN AMRO is investing a lot in APIs and digital platforms to foster the business models of tomorrow. Today we have many APIs live, both internal and external. The internal change from a Service Bus to APIs has sped up system integration tremendously. Externally, we have exposed the Tikkie, PDS2 and FX APIs to our clients and many more are in the pipeline.

During their keynote, Maarten Spit and Koen Adolfs give you insights on where ABN AMRO is at in their API journey and share ideas on how we together could build the future of finance.
The success of our APIs is due to our focus on accessibility. They should be business meaningful, easy to discover, easy to understand, easy from a consumer perspective, resource based, and reusable. Many of these criteria are met by our developer portal (developer.abmro.com). Here we follow the simple philosophy if something is not documented, it does not exist. And if it is documented badly, you are better off if it does not exist.