Detecting potential hazardous situations in the Dutch railway planning with Apache Ignite

Zaal 8

10:35 - 11:25

Server Side

Every day millions of people travel by train through the Netherlands.
Approximately 10.000+ train movements are planned on a daily basis for safe traveling on one of the busiest rail infrastructures in Europe.

Planning all these train rides and delivering a timetable without hazardous situations is a challenge.
A challenge growing continuously with more travellers every day and more trains every new timetable.

To master this growing challenge we are currently building a space-based architecture with Apache Ignite.
Apache Ignite provides a distributed horizontally scalable data and computational grid, that we utilize to calculate all train movements on the rail infrastructure.
In doing so, we can detect potentially hazardous situations and report them so the timetable safety can be improved.
These improvements help NS and ProRail to ensure everyone can travel safely to their destination.